Nashville Neighborhood Series: Southern Nashville Neighborhoods

We are not shy about our love for Nashville. Visit once, and it’s easy to see why. And – if like us – you fall in love with this city and want to make it home, you’ll need to narrow down the neighborhood where you want to settle down. To help you discover more about the nooks and crannies that make up this great city, we’re continuing our popular Nashville Neighborhood Series! Last time, we went over popular Franklin neighborhoods. So, for this installment, we’re focusing on the charming Southern Nashville neighborhoods!

Come take a walk with us, and let us tell you a little more about this special area of town!

12 South

Often called ‘the most walkable neighborhood in Nashville,’ the .5-mile stretch of 12th Avenue South is fondly known as 12 South. This area is up and coming, with lots of trendy restaurants, retail, and art. You may otherwise know this area as where the iconic ‘Believe in Nashville’ mural is located (among at least seven other photo-worthy spots)! Between the incredible food and artsy backdrops, you will have likely seen this neighborhood in many Instagram moments.

Median home prices in this area are attractive, so it’s a huge draw for those that want the proximity to Music City, while still providing that quaint small community vibe.

In addition to the murals some additional highlights include Reese Witherspoon’s clothing store Draper James, the kid-friendly Sevier Park, and 12 South Taproom.

Berry Hill/Melrose

We’re talking about two different southern Nashville neighborhoods here, even though they hug a border. While often lumped together, these two neighborhoods each deserve their own spotlight.

Berry Hill

If you head South of city proper, you’ll hit Berry Hill. This quaint area boasts darling cottages from the 1940s. These special homes have been turned into retail spaces, which give off an eclectic charm and draw for unique, artsy businesses.

Berry Hill is considered the smallest of Nashville’s satellite cities. And yet within that just-under-one-square-mile area, you’ll find at least 40 recording studios, countless independent stores, and some of the best restaurants, including the popular vegetarian Sunflower Café.


Within the boundaries of Berry Hill, Melrose has made a name for itself as its own area. This strip of road created its own presence by featuring some powerhouse restaurants and attractions.

You’ll know it for one of our most beloved restaurants, Hattie B’s. But other can’t miss spots would include M. L. Rose (formerly Melrose), known for its craft beer and colorful artwork or Sinema with its infamous bottomless brunch.

One of the best things about this area is not just the proximity of incredible local bars and restaurants. Recent builds of condos and lots have increased the appeal of this location as a desirable zip code.

Hillsboro Village

Hillsboro has a special place in our heart, due largely to the proximity of it to both Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities. We also love areas of town that encourage walking, which this neighborhood offers in spades. It isn’t unusual for you to see lots of families and students strolling the streets.

Because of the demographic of the area, you’ll see neighborhood offerings that provide great food and cool experiences. Settle in to see showings of retro movies or Japanese foreign films at the Belcourt Theatre. Tuck into some of the best shrimp and grits at Ruby Sunshine. Or better yet, check out the original Pancake Pantry to fulfill your breakfast dreams.

For memorable moments or great backdrops, visit the Dragon mural by Andee Rudloff. It keeps watch on 21st Avenue South. For a deeper history, pop by Fannie Mae Dees Park (also known by locals as “Dragon Park”). There you’ll see the 1970s Sea Serpent sculpture that inspired the mural. This 1970s commissioned piece was a labor of love between artist and community, many of which contributed to the intricate mosaic designs.

As for housing, this area offers a lot of single-family homes, apartments, and condos, which make this area a huge draw for a variety of backgrounds.

Green Hills

If southern Nashville neighborhoods had personalities, Green Hills would definitely be the popular girl. This area is known as one of the more upscale spots in the city. Trendy outlets, health food stores, and more designer shopping than you can imagine.

Stock up on specialty food items at one of only two Trader Joe’s in Nashville. Get your shopping fix at The Mall at Green Hills. Outlets like Zara, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co. will certainly scratch that retail itch.

And while the neighborhood contains all the above sparkle, one of Green Hills’ crown jewels has to be the Bluebird Café. This intimate, song-writer’s launch spot has seen every act from Garth Brooks to Taylor Swift. Imagine having this iconic spot just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from your front door.

Thrown in the area’s large, rambling houses and too many restaurants to mention, it’s no wonder why Nashvillians that are ‘in the know’ call Green Hills their home.


Named after the impressive Belmont University, Belmont is another lovely southern Nashville neighborhood. It actually is close to three universities, which makes it a great area for students.

This area is known for their historical homes. You’ll find many properties featured on the National Registry of Historic Places. This area has received significant investment to keep that preservation intact, with lavish attention devoted to revitalization.

There are numerous restaurants on Belmont Blvd. One of the neighborhood’s treasures has to be International Market & Restaurant. Since 1975, this family-owned restaurant has given Nashvillians an authentic taste of Thai food. The family lineage continues, with the owner’s son Arnold Myint making

appearances on Top Chef and Food Network Star. He, along with his sister Anna, continue the tradition of flavor excellence in this beloved Belmont outlet.

Like we said, we aren’t shy about how much we love our city or the special neighborhoods that our neighbors call home. To hear more about how we can help you settle into one of our favorite parts of town, give us a call today. We are happy to help get you started on your home search with a pre-qualification