Current housing inventory shortage and how it is affecting your ability to get a loan

Since the housing sector shortage has been worsening – a total disaster within the last decade alone – housing prices have only further skyrocketed. This has affected everything; from the number of listings on the market to their very stock quota price, and much more.

In fact, the Washington Post has further added that housing prices soared this year by nearly 10 percent in starter homes and nearly 8 percent in trader homes. Last year’s total listings in the U.S. have fallen by another 8.1 percent.

Furthermore, CNBC further notes that this factor alone has indubitably made it far more difficult for one to get a loan. Ellie Mae’s, for instance, has already closed its loan applications for the time being. CEO Jonathan Corr mentioned that, what one can drastically expect to see, with rising fluidity, is an unexpected shift from a seller’s market straight into a buyer’s market. The move is unstoppable. This year’s second quarter alone indicates over 700,000 loan applications closed.

Where we come into the picture

Hometown Lenders, Inc. has led the way for many years now, 19 to be exact, and continues to be an industry role model many other businesses seek to emulate. We help people achieve their dreams of homeownership through mortgage financing.

We help individuals consolidate their debt and pay off large bills, as well as reduce their existing mortgage payments by refinancing their current loan. We believe in people before profits. And to address this current housing shortage problem, our plan of attack is as follows: We provide a turnkey lending solution for consumers that need to finance their home purchase or consolidate debt by refinancing their existing home loan.

And you may already wonder what sets us apart from the competition. Our “people before profits” mentality, for one, says it all. The executives of our company created a 501(c)3 organization called Mission Firefly that is almost fully supported by the company.

This NPO conducts ministry work across Central America, mostly focusing on clean water filtration, but touching on all the spokes of the poverty wheel, including, but not limited to, food, housing, education, clothing, medical treatment and spiritual guidance.

So, whether you’re a mortgage professional, sales recruit to the HTL team, seasoned military veteran, previous customer, or even first-time loan application candidate homebuyer or seller, we invite you to check us out.

And how do customers primarily reach out to us? Through outbound sales efforts, channel partners, referrals and word of mouth. We find all kinds of means to market ourselves, so that you may know we exist to serve you when the time calls for it.

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